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For when you are at a crossroads. Look at your life through the lens of tarot. Ask the question that needs your answer.

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Get the atmosphere you need. Music from places or music to help you make changes. Take your pick.

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Learning & Leadership

Discover insider knowledge to give you the edge. Self-directed learning and group programmes.

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Hi, I'm Sara!


I enjoy a deep love for listening. I use tarot cards to listen to people and music to listen to places. I write songs from the land. Join me for a sound life. The crossroads is my thing. See me, when you're at one, or want to be at one.


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Are you tarot curious? This is for you if you want to try tarot out. Perhaps you have never had a reading before, You want to see what it's like. Perhaps you want to see what I'm like. Experience a 30 min reading with me by Zoom, anywhere in the world.

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This is for when life presents you with a major crossroads. Which direction will you take? Each direction is weighted with ambiguity and  consequence. Join me in this 4 step programme to see you through.

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Leadership is not something that you do: it is something that you are. All the skills in the world don't make a leader: presence does. It is invisible and powerful. We enter this world together over 8  weeks using tarot and sound to deepen into this realm. Weekly group coaching sessions plus actions sent to you every week day inbetween for 40 days

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Cristina S, Medical Consultant

Very good insight, representation of the current issues and useful ideas in tackling a problem. Very good description of the problems lying ahead.

Rebecca G, Director

I would highly recommend Sara. Her reading was the first I have had. I felt at ease and her knowledge of the cards was impressive. I really enjoyed the experience and will be going back.

Camilla G, Lawyer

Sara is an exceptionally kind and professional tarot reader. I felt right at ease with her and together we unlocked important and poignant elements of my mind. With Sara's help, I found clarity and focus about my future, as well as peace with troubles of my past.

Maria M, Manager
Sara's consultations always leave me with a sense of clarity that I have never gotten from anybody else. Her receptive character, combined with the sincere and practical qualities of her work in the art of tarot, make her an outstandingly qualified individual, to recur to with your questions. The insights obtained from my sessions with Sara have been essential tools in advancing my life personally and professionally - in a way that has made my life both more magical and fulfilling.
Eugene W, Business Psychologist

Sara is a gifted tarot reader with a rare combination of intuition, practicality and the ability to forge a warm and empathetic personal connection. 
I am always impressed with Sara’s ability to provide extremely insightful and uncannily accurate readings about the potential outcomes on my horizon. 
Above all, every reading has left me with a reinforced sense of purpose, lifted the mental fog, added value to my life and proved an empowering and emboldening experience. 

What can you expect from a tarot reading?

People often come to me for their first ever tarot reading. Perhaps you have a specific question on your mind, you may be facing a particular situation or perhaps you are simply curious and just want to hear what the cards have to say? All is welcome.

I am a classic tarot reader. I use the Rider Waite Smith deck for my readings with you, as designed by Pamela Coleman Smith (known as 'Pixie'). I am informed by the correspondances attributed to tarot as devised by The Golden Dawn in London in the 1900s. I make use of the Celtic Cross for many readings, which I find extremely helpful for people. I love the combination of Celtic and Crossroads working together.

I offer readings online anywhere in the world and in person in the UK (London, West Midlands and Warwickshire). I can support events in other locations, by arrangement. I offer one to one readings and events such as parties, celebrations, corporate development, Christmas parties, Birthdays, location events in castles and retail onsite events 

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