Hello, I'm Sara McCarthy. 

Places talk to me. I've always loved to play. 

I am a musician with a passion for listening to places. I have a sensitivity to geographical location and a training in listening. It interests me how historical events can impact places and the music that can emerge out of that. I have worked with traumatic events that have happened to landscapes. In music, I have a curiosity and experimentation that has led me to do experimental projects based on history and place, for example Sounding Cov.


As a musician, I'm able to hear different strands of history in a particular place. Of all the layers of history that occur in one place, there are certain layers that vibrate more strongly to my ears. It is those levels and layers and timelines of history that interest me creatively. I am currently writing an album of  music from the West of Ireland, called Maamtrasna Blues. This music is Irish Blues, particularly connected with ancestors and famine.



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