Creative Musician - Professional Tarot Reader - Voice Trainer

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What I Do

About Sara McCarthy

I am a musician with a lifelong sensitivity to land. I listen to places and express them as song. I attend to people and help them to voice.

My creative tools are silence, mantra and tarot. My interest is bringing the invisible to life.

Sound Expression

Personal Development


 What Could Be Better Than Music?
It’ll all blow over, let no thing disturb you!
Deep in the Chambers of My Heart – Maamtrasna Blues

My Services

I can offer technical expertise and advice, through a variety of different formats. All of these approaches share in common my desire to assist with know-how and experience in your daily life.

Tarot Readings

Individual readings are available in person, by email or by Skype.

Tarot for Parties & Corporate Events

Event packages available for social occasions requiring tarot entertainment.

Personal Sound Training

One to one voice training in person or by Skype. Optional customised CDs of practices available.

Voice Workshops

Variety of topics available for individuals or organisations. Custom-made workshops also tailored to you requirements.


Chanting classes held weekly, using Sanskrit mantra and group chant.


What is a tarot reading?

Tarot Reading

Keys of Listening

A reading is an act of listening. It is like having an x-ray of your life, able to see beyond what is on the surface to what really matters.

Personal Development

A reading will give you insight into  patterns in your life that may not be in your current awareness

Personal Choice

The cards will always show different choices that you can make, for a different outcome in your situation.

Symbols and Patterns



You Hold All the Cards

The cards are always in your hands and only you have responsibility for all that happens in your own life.This can feel very satisfying

Championing You

I will always interpret the cards to make sure you have the maximum support and encouragement in your situation.

Confidential Support

All readings are completely confidential. Only you will know what has been discussed.

Parties and Corporate Events


Tarot makes for fun entertainment at any social occasion, making it ideal for parties and corporate events.


Readings are available in person, by email or by Skype


Readings come in a range of options, from 15mins to 1 hour, depending on the type and depth of reading you require.


To book a reading, send me an email


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Sound creation from a different dimension

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