Retreats - coming soon!

Retreats: completed

Range of retreats completed over the UK

Past events:


Listening Through Time: A Sound Approach to  Heritage, History and Creativity

  • A River of Listening
  • Clocking the Heights of Heritage 


Feminine power: A Sound Approach

  • From Cell to Well
  • From Wired to Fired
  • From Bone to Crone


Flexing the Voice Muscle 

  • Flexing the Voice Muscle
  • Sound Detox
  • Stronger Sound, Stronger Chakras


Speaker Events

  • Presented 'Mantra Mystery and Reverberation in post war Coventry' at Liverpool Hope University, as part of the Sacred Places Conference
  • 'Talking Landscapes' presentation at Glastonbury Chalice Hill
  • Gatekeeper Conference talk: 'Sounding Through Cycles, Listening Through Time'